The Soulslike genre has evolved greatly over the past decade, with From Software’s efforts influencing many games. While fans are hoping elden ring, there are plenty of other games that might catch some attention. one of these is the title Foggy Faith: Abandoned, starring indie team Archangel Studios’ creative duo Miso Vukevi and Mirko Stantic. Much like other games inspired by dark Souls, it’s a game focused on exploring a vast interconnected world, evading threats in difficult combat scenarios.

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first gameplay trailer of Foggy Faith: Abandoned Shown a few years ago, pre-alpha footage showed the player cutting his way through a series of narrow corridors, juxtaposing it with wide open areas. The premise is slightly different than other Souls similar games, with a more cybergothic setting where the player must search for the last remnants of civilization and its history. The developers released a brief video that shows off a boss fight that players will face in the game, as well as how polished the gameplay is.


This video from Blake Faith: Forsaken shows the player facing off against a cybernetic dragon-like boss, as seen with his metal skeleton and torn wings. Known as the Silicon Visage, according to the video, it can attack with its wings, claws, tail, or even by charging at the player. It is also capable of flying, and can also summon lasers to attack. These can take the form of balls that chase the player, beams that rain down from the sky, or even a traditional mouth cannon laser.

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As the fight progresses, Silicon Visage can be seen splitting into smaller versions of itself when it takes substantial damage. Certain combat abilities that the player could use were also featured, with a build that relies on ice-type attacks and magic. During battle, the player displays the ability to dodge along the way, while leaving a trail of ice behind them to inflict damage on bosses, along with a series of spells that can create spikes of ice around them. .

like others dark Souls game, difficult bombing boss fights like this the player will climb Foggy Faith: AbandonedThere are lots of ways to deal with these fights, as the game will have RPG progressions and classes that can be tailored to suit a certain playing style. More progress on this game can be viewed either on the game’s official Discord server or by following the Twitter account.

Foggy Faith: Abandoned Will launch on PC in Q2 2022.

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