Dark Souls: The Card Game is probably the hardest card game you’ve never played, and now it’s $15 off

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Dark Souls: The Card Game might be the hardest card game you’ve ever played – and now is the perfect time to try it. Dark Souls: The Card Game Now Available on Amazon for Just $34.28, which is $15.73 less than its original price of $50.01. This can be a wallet-drainer…

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The game is a lot of fun, takes on the world of Dark Souls, and borrows many elements from video games. You must explore encounters, defeat enemies to claim their souls, and develop your deck so you can defeat powerful bosses. However, it’s a tricky quest, in that your deck represents your vitality, and the cards only fill up when you come to a bonfire. This should all sound familiar to Dark Souls players—minus using a deck.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the mood for fun collaboration, you’ll find it even easier to do in card games than in its video game source material – up to four players can participate simultaneously. And, if no one else is up to the challenge, you can go on the adventure alone. Whether you’re playing with friends or not, be prepared for just one thing – get ready to die! Just like the Dark Souls games, this is a difficult card game.


In the box, you get over 400 cards, including a rule book, tokens, starting deck, equipment cards, stamina cards, enemy cards, and boss cards. There is also a player board, an enemy board, and an encounter board, all of which are part of the game.

Today’s Best Dark Souls: Card Game Deals

Dark Souls: The Card Game | $50.01

Dark Souls: The Card Game | $50.01 $34.28 on Amazon
Save 31% – One of the greatest video games of all time has been turned into a card game – and if you’re a fan of the series looking for a cooperative adventure, you won’t do much better. It is worth the adventure. Just get ready to die – and then die. and then. and then…
UK deal – £35 £33.87 on Amazon

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