David Bowie's producer shows off 360 Reality Audio mixes at New York pop-up

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Tony Visconti produced 11 David Bowie studio albums.

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five of David BowieSubsequent albums will be released on select music streaming services on 21st January. remixed in Sony 360 Reality Audio Format.


The records – Heathen, Reality, A Reality Tour (Live), The Next Day and Blackstar – have all been helmed by longtime producer Tony Visconti, and will be released amazon music unlimited, Deezer and High tide,

Bowie will turn 75 on January 8, and to celebrate, producers spoke at the Bowie75 pop-up in the Manhattan suburb of Soho last night. Visconti worked on Bowie’s biggest albums and produced hits such as Ashes to Ashes, Space Oddity and Fame.

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Visconti says the pop star, who died in 2016, would “absolutely like” the 360 ​​Reality audio format “because it’s endemic.” He added that the new versions of Reality and Heathen are faithful to the original 5.1 blends that were created when Bowie was still alive. However, he noted that the version on Bowie’s final album saw the biggest changes.

“If you listen to Blackstar in 360 it sounds fundamentally different from the stereo version because we don’t have to cram everything up front – it’s a very dense album,” he said.


Bowie75 Retail Popup.

Visconti is excited about the format, which can be heard on headphones like Sony WH-1000XM4 As well as Dolby Atmos-enabled system, it says enables artists and producers to break the rules.

“One thing pop and rock have on classical and jazz is that we can do anything: if we want to have a string section at the back of our head we can do it,” Visconti said.

The Bowie75 retail pop-up is one of two, the other being in London, and features a large listening area featuring memorabilia, vinyl records and CDs as well as 360 Reality audio remixes. The store opened in October 2021 and will run through the end of January 2022.

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