During the lifetime of the PS4, several first-party AAA action adventure games were released. Contains titles like new God of war Play, unknown 4, And Horizon: Zero DawnSeeing all critical and commercial success. Not every one of Sony’s first-party IPs has seen this praise, with 2019 being the most polarizing. days gone, Many critics and fans lambasted the game, where it received moderate reviews at launch, especially compared to other games released at the time. A former director of the game, Jeff Ross, talks about various aspects of the game, including the design of days gone,

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Ross has been quite vocal about the reception and sales days gone over the past few weeks, especially with regard to companion PlayStation first-party games ghost of tsushima, He has been revealing various aspects about his time at Bend Studio, including the failed pitch for a sequel, the various ideas he wanted to take with it, and the game itself. , one of his latest comments about days goneThe development includes how he feels about the boss fights and how badly they ended in the final product.


Speaking with USAToday, Ross revealed that many of the game’s bosses are badly designed and were operating within the system of what they have in place. He described Skizzo, one of the game’s eventual owners, as “terrible” in his own words. Among the limitations his team faced, he also noted that scripting the game’s AI was also a major difficulty, especially with regards to maintaining the atmosphere. include an example days goneK stealth section, where he was programmed to a degree of “shooting on sight”, but the player had trouble not ending up in an unstoppable shootout.

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Gone are the days running away from the corpse

Other things that are prohibited days gone This included the budget and how it affected the overall pace. Ross stated that all the cinematic cutscenes and voice-overs were done early in production, and that he had to implement it in the game in some way. This includes no re-shoots or cuts to the made-for-game content, which in turn affects boss fights. He noted that some sections were not fun and designed to a minimal degree, but also needed to be connected to the overall narrative of the game, without exception.

Ross indicates that if given the chance, many important aspects of the game could be improved with a sequel. days gone, It includes not only the gameplay mechanics of days gone, but other parts such as the relationship between Deacon and Sarah and their story. However, given Ross’ departure from Bend Studios in 2020, as well as Sony’s apathy in continuing this IP, fans are unlikely to get a sequel.

days gone Now available for PC and PS4.

Source: USA Today

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