Days Gone reportedly outsold Ghost of Tsushima, but Sony considered it a “big disappointment”

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The director of Days Gone claims to have shipped over eight million units to Ghost of Tsushima.

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Earlier this week, it was reported that Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima had sold eight million units worldwide since its 2020 launch, as you can see in Game Informer’s tweet below. Days Gone game director Jeff Ross responded to the news in his own tweet below, claiming that Bend Studio’s zombie shooter actually sold as many copies to market in less time.

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This contrasts with Ross’ disclosure that Sony management considered the sale of Days Gone to be a “great disappointment”. According to the former director of Bend Studios, Days Gone will sell a total of more than nine million copies worldwide since its launch on Steam in 2021 last year, but Sony management particularly disappointed the eight million sales figure eighteen months after launch. as seen.


Sony’s disappointment with Days Gone sales is nothing new. Last year in 2021, a report claimed that Bend unsuccessfully tried to pitch Sony a sequel to Days Gone. Reportedly, a lengthy development and mixed critical reception for the original game had led to Sony turning down the pitch, and instead entrusting Bend to Naughty Dog to help develop their multiplayer project.

Ross revealed other details about the situation around Bend in response to his original tweet. Although it was originally reported that Bend had been hired to develop the Naughty Dog project as well as a new entry in the Uncharted franchise, Ross countered the notion, responding to a follower saying that “no one was forced to do anything“In the studio.

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Additionally, Ross also claims to have heard anecdotes about Sony’s refusal to sell the IP rights to Days Gone. ,I’ve heard tales that they won’t even sell IP to another publisher,” the former director said while responding to another fan’s question about a sequel. Whatever the case, it looks like Ross badly wanted to develop a Days Gone sequel, and Sony has none of it. Was.

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