DC goes for the laughs in One-Star Squadron

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Power Girl’s triumphant return, it seems, doesn’t pay the rent as a member of Infinite Corporation.

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Earth-2 sort-of-Supergirl is now a cast member of One-Star Squadron, a comedy new December-debut six-issue series starring a Team DC called “Superman-Level Service at Bizarro Price!” has been promised.


Written by Harvey, Ringo and Eisner Award nominee Mark Russell (Exit Step Left: The Snugglepus Chronicles) and Eisner and Ringo Prize winner Steve Lieber (Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsena), the series follows a “rag-tag” (ouch, Kara) group of heroes led by Red Tornado (Double Ouch, Kara), who are heroes-for-hire-for-anything. Be it the latest DC alien invasion or a kid’s birthday party, the team’s services can be kept up and running through their on-demand Hero app, and according to DC, no task is too big or too small.

In a series where “heroism meets capitalism,” the hard-working new team includes gangbusters and other superheroes like the Minute Man (and Plastic Man too?) who try to figure out who’s behind the new venture and Why.

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How this series somehow survives Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, we’ll be shocked.

DC’s announcement describes One-Star Squadron #1 as packed with “heart, valor, and humour” and should belong to anyone who has ever done a “shameful, mind-numbing, or petty act”. done, which the publisher believes everyone else is.

One-Star Squadron #1 goes on sale December 7 and includes a cover by Lieber and a one-of-a-kind cover by Steve Pugh.

Doesn’t look like One-Star Squadron will ever be on Newsrama’s list best superhero teams of all time, but it seems that the whole thing.

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