DC postpones Batman/Catwoman Special by Tom King and John Paul Leon indefinitely

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DC has indefinitely postponed One Shot Batman/Catwoman Special #1, telling retailers that “will be solicited again at a later date, with more details coming soon.”

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Planned by Tom King, Clay Mann and Liam Sharpe as a Christmas-themed standalone supplement to the main Batman/Catwoman maxiseries, Batman/Catwoman Special #1 was to be produced by John Paul Lyon but he sadly passed away through his work on this issue.

Here are two pages from Leon from Batman/Catwoman Special #1:


Shortly after that tragedy, DC withdrew the release of Batman/Catwoman Special #1 from July 20 to December 29, to the point that several of Leone’s industry friends wanted to complete the issue as a tribute to the famous artist. Will take steps

The DC did not respond to our inquiries as to who was working on the issue.

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Batman/Catwoman (and by extension, Batman/Catwoman Special #1) takes place in an alternate universe that differs slightly from DC’s main universe but is drawing off Tom King’s recent Batman run. In this Elsworld tale, Bruce and Selina are reunited after leaving her at the altar – eventually going on to marry (and have a child, too).

According to the limited information shared by DC, the Batman/Catwoman special was to be a flashback that explored a previously unknown deep relationship between children and teenagers between Bruce and Selina, before they were even alerted.

Leone painted the primary cover for Batman/Catwoman Special #1, which included various covers by Lee Weeks and Bill Sienkiewicz. Check them out here:

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