DC vs. Vampires pits the Justice League versus an army of blood-suckers

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Following the success of the DC/Zombie series dccid The one that pitted DC’s iconic superheroes against zombies, another fearsome undead monster type facing off against those heroes dc vs vampire. The 12-issue DC vs. Vampire series pits the Justice League against a secret vampire army preparing to conquer Earth—and somehow, I, the Vampire’s Andrew Bennett, are involved.

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“The story begins with Andrew Bennett, wrapped in a blanket, trying to get into the Hall of Justice at high noon with a terrifying message that there is a new vampire leader on Earth and that what he is plotting means the destruction of the planet. There will be an end to human domination.” Tynion wrote in his newsletter.


The two stories do not share a continuum, and although it follows the success of DCased and has a similar formula on the surface, Tynion framed his view on the “horror apocalypse” from an opposite angle.

“By the end of the first issue of Decide, an intense zombie apocalypse was already raging through the world and the people in it,” Tynion continues. “But I liked the idea that we could be a slow-burning apocalypse… there’s a plot looming in the shadows of the DC Universe, which slowly and terrifyingly grows from point to point until the world becomes unrecognizable. Don’t be.”

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Tynion wrote the full outline for DC vs. Vampire, but found himself unable to write it in the immediate future due to his other commitments, he and editor Ben Abernathy said that he and editor Ben Abernathy had written the script for writer Matthew Rosenberg and his Hawkeye: Freefall artist, Otto Schmidt. recruited.

“It’s ‘Anything Could Happen’ on a Vampire Coup,” Rosenberg wrote in his newspaper. “Vampires have infiltrated some of the most powerful corners of the DC universe. No one is safe and everyone is suspicious.”

The primary DC Vs Vampire #1 cover is illustrated by Otto Schmidt, featuring Francesco Matina (two covers), Ajikur (two covers, one that glows in the dark), George Molina (Glow in the Dark), Dan Watkins (two covers). edition), Daniel Warren Johnson, Felipe Massafera (two editions), Marco Turini (three covers), Tula Lotte (a Royal Comics exclusive), and Yoshitaka Amano (a Things from Another World exclusive) check them out here:

DC Vs Vampire #1 (out of 12) will be available for sale on October 26.

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