DC’s Catwoman has a new creative team – Marvel’s Tini Howard and Nico Leon

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Former Marvel-exclusive writer Tiny Howard is taking over DC’s ongoing Catwoman title, and is bringing another Marvel Comics alum with her: artist Nico Leone.

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Picked up after Ram V and Fernando Blanco’s current Catwoman run, which began in late 2020, Howard and Leon’s Catwoman Selina will bring Kyle back to her hometown of Gotham after spending several years in nearby Alleytown. After leaving Batman at the proverbial altar in the highly publicized Batman #50 wedding issue, he gave up somewhat.

(Incidentally, the return of Catwoman to Gotham coincides with Batman decides to leave Gotham… like ships at night.)


Now relocated to Gotham City, Catwoman will dive back into the Gotham Underworld and steal what DC calls “blackmail material” at one of the city’s safest underground clubs. What expert catburglar skills will she use? A disguise studded with five-inch platform heels (likely the ones seen on the Catwoman #39 cover).

“I don’t want to go too far into what I’m doing in the book yet — Selina and I agree that’s nothing but taste — but you should know I came up with a lot of plans,” Howard writes in his newsletter. “I’m building a Catwoman-centric story that Gotham has never seen. The size of this story, which requires reading it for the life of Selina Kyle, all became so clear to me when I looked at it.” Worked. I stand on the shoulders of giants who told my favorite Catwoman stories like [Ed Brubaker], [Darwyn Cooke], And [Geneveive Valentine], and I’m very grateful.”

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The run will be colored by Jordi Bellaire, with DC editors Jess Chen and Jessica Burbe overseeing it.

Catwoman #39 will be Howard’s first major DC work, following the short stories in 2016’s Shed the Changing Girl #3 and Batman of December: Urban Legends #10.

The primary cover of Catwoman #39 was produced by Jeff DeKel, with different covers by Jenny Frisson and Sozomica). Check them out here:

Catwoman #39 will be available for sale on January 18, 2022.

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