DC’s multiversal Justice League Incarnate book delayed three weeks

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Updates: DC has informed retailers that the upcoming Justice League Avatar series has been delayed by three weeks. This multi-faceted version of Justice League kicks off the recently concluded Infinite Frontier event series, and its first issue was originally announced for a November 2 debut.

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Justice League Avatar #1 (out of 6) will now be available for sale on November 23rd. The second issue is currently scheduled for December 7.

The original story goes like this…


Writer Joshua Williamson will continue to expand his Infinite Frontier saga.

Prior to the release of DC’s November 2021 requests, on August 12, the writer and prolific writer announced via Twitter that she would be making a five-issue “over-sized” Justice League Avatar series with Dennis Culver starring Dennis Culver for DC. is co-writing. -Like a team that defends the multiverse.

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He calls it “the second act in the Infinite Frontier Saga”.

The first issue of the series will be illustrated by Andrei Bresson and Brandon Peterson. Subsequent issues taking place on different Earths would be depicted by rotating artists.

The new title is a spin-off of Williamson’s own current Infinite Frontier six-issue limited series setting up the DC Universe for a major new Crisis series featuring a level-up Darkseid as the main threat, with Justice Avatar is the key player.

“The Justice League avatar must race across multiple worlds to prevent Darkseid from gaining control of the greatest force in the multiverse,” Williamson revealed on Twitter. “Every world they go into has its own wonderful artist!”

DC told Newsrama that the team is actually defending the Multiverse against “a true Darkseid” after a “disastrous defeat” at his hands.

Justice Avatar Up is composed of President Superman (or Earth-23’s Calvin Ellis), Earth-26’s Captain Carrot, Earth-5’s Mary Marvel, Earth-11’s Aquawoman.

Barry Allen/The Flash of Earth-0/Prime was a new recruit but as Infinite Frontier, he is a prisoner of Darkseid and Psycho-Pirate.

Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) is currently on a mission with the team in the Infinite Frontier and the preview images look like he’ll be sticking around, and appears to be Avery, China’s Flash from Earth-0 Will join, and according to DC the all-new superhero Dr. Multiverse of Earth-8.

That said, Frank Cover has Thunderer from Earth-7, the weather god of Australia’s indigenous Mowanjum people.

Publish says that its mission is “the last effort to prevent the end of every possible universe as we know it!”

November 2’s Justice League Incarnate #1 includes a lead cover by Gary Frank and a type cover by George Fornes.

In addition to being the writer/co-producer of birthright which was illustrated by Bresson for Image Comics (which ended its 50-issue run), as DC Williamson is a former longtime writer for The Flash. He also currently writes Robin, Future State: Gotham, which he co-writes with Culver, and the upcoming new series Deathstroke, Inc.

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