dead by daylight It has its hands full with its latest chapter release as well as a re-enabled skill-based matchmaking system, featuring HellraiserPinhead of but, surprisingly dead by daylightMaterial churning continues.

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dead by daylightThe new grade system replaces the previous rank system and is now completely reset each month to the lowest grade, Ash, with bloodpoints supplied by how higher players are able to progress through the grade palette during the month. were capable. In addition, the release of Pinhead dead by daylight That was only less than a month ago, but future events could happen sooner with the game’s next content update.


Today, dead by daylight A new teaser has been revealed that is captioned with just one notable quote: “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble…” The quote has been featured in a variety of media contexts, each usually of witches or associated with witchcraft, as in Shakespeare’s macbeth. Therefore, dead by daylightThe latest content of Tees strongly suggests that a female Survivor character will soon be added to the game, with her unique aesthetic of witchcraft. Some important clues may be found in this teaser to help us understand its enigmatic nature.

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The teaser itself appears to have a first-person perspective of the new character, who gasps and trembles behind a set of drawn-out curtains. These curtains are dark red, but have a pattern of small symbols for the hat and skull of a witch or sorcerer, among other obscure images. Before the curtain opens, applause is heard from the other side and the teaser suddenly ends there leaving the players in suspense.

dead by daylightIts fan community has been exceptional at guessing which characters and what content might appear from the minor details contained in these teasers. Butler argues that instead of being a witch herself, the new female survivor may simply be “a female actor with witch-themed cosmetics.” Other speculation states that the Survivor character may also have been some sort of professional magician.

Regardless, this information points to a new, original character from him. Like Behavior Interactive’s other teaser snippets, there may be red herrings to consider, and it may not be entirely clear who this character is before it’s explicitly announced.

Indeed, October is near. Because Halloween is approaching relatively soon, this teaser may have a predictable witch or witchcraft theme to coincide with an intentionally spooky holiday celebration. By announcing the teaser now, the surprise could be skipped for October and a potential witch-themed female survivor could get players excited when Halloween draws to a close.

dead by daylight Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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