dead by daylight It’s probably one of the most popular games for players to stream, given its fast-paced mechanics, its roster of famous fictional assassins, and the fact that the game is hugely popular right now. However, when playing online, there is some degree of risk from bots and attackers. Recent DDoS attack dead by daylight Streamers show it, and now it looks like the studio, Behavior Interactive, has stepped in to say it’s investigating a wave of malicious online activity.

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in post on dead by daylight Twitter page Recently, the developer acknowledged the attacks on players, saying it takes reports “very seriously” and is encouraging others to send additional reports related to DDoS. In another tweet, the studio also apologized to the community, especially those who have experienced the attacks. It appears that Behavior Interactive is making every effort to ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future.

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Distributed Denial of Service attacks occur when bots flood a network or server, causing disruption to things like websites and online gaming. DDoS attacks can affect big games like titanfall 2, in which successful hacks can make titles not playable. Recent wave that has targeted dead by daylight. put at risk.

Of course, some of the comments are criticizing the developer because it’s too little-too-late response. Considering that the attack happened a few days ago, some are wondering why it took the company so long to mention it publicly. This is also not the first time the behavior has received a backlash from the community. it was not that long ago dead by daylight The crew was reprimanded for joining NFT, which the studio eventually denied. In general, while DDoS attacks are not directly a behavioral fault, some commentators feel that the team should have offered some feedback sooner.

Despite the attacks and recent backlash against the studio, the game is still incredibly popular. Together dead by daylight Always on the lookout for new content to add, this is likely to be on people’s radar for a while. It remains to be seen what the company will do to prevent the possibility of future online attacks and doxing.

dead by daylight Available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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