dead cells recently released one of its biggest updates, adding even more content to the popular rogue-like Metroidvania. Known as The Everyone Is Here Update, it adds a number of characters and references to several incredibly popular indie games of recent years. These include other acclaimed indie Metroidvanias such as hollow knight And Guacamelli,

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Motion Twin’s roguelike has been Metroidvania Going strong for nearly three years, it was a hit with fans and critics alike for its fast-paced gameplay. It is clear not only with dead cells It has sold over six million copies, but has also won several awards at the time of its 2018 release. To celebrate all these milestones, including the 20th anniversary of Motion Twin, the developer has announced yet another paid expansion.


This new paid expansion will be known as “The Queen and the Sea” and will add lots of new weapons dead cells, along with two new late-game biome regions. The Steam page promises searchable sunken ships and a lighthouse. A new boss fight is also being promised, possibly against this expansion’s titular adversary, the Queen depicted in the trailer. It also shows the Queen’s three other opposing groups, each with their own weapons. A new ending will be unlocked upon completion of this latest dead cells DLC.

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The video details and the tweet notes that this expansion will be the finale of the current trilogy of payments. dead cells Among other entries are the DLC The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls, the latter of which was released earlier this year. All three of these expansions take place outside the game’s castle walls, and the latest will complete a headhunting journey in these areas.

New dead cells The expansion will arrive in early 2022 with a price of $4.99 and will be released on both consoles and PC. The video description notes that the sale of the DLC will allow developers to continue producing free updates dead cells, and allow them to implement as many of their ideas as they can. The Twitter account also makes it clear that this will be the final DLC of this trilogy, but that doesn’t mean the developers are finished with the production of more DLC in the future.

dead cells Now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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