Dead Cells update adds Hollow Knight’s nail, lets you turn into a chicken

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Punishing permadeath platformer Dead Cells (our pick for best roguelike in 2018) just got a new Update Which adds skins, weapons and skills from other indie games with similar hardness cores. To unlock outfits you’ll need to complete challenges found through a book of clues in the starting area, and the rest can be found in rooms of new lore scattered throughout the level.

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Additions include the Nail from Hollow Knight, which can be used in a downward attack move I’m sure won’t be too hard to pull off. Although the Knight himself is not playable in Dead Cells, Juan from Guacamelli is and thanks to the “Polo Power” he can transform into an egg-laying chicken, which then explodes. It’s a tough act to follow, but punishable by blasphemy adds a face flask that you use by hitting it on your forehead.

There’s also a gun from Hyper Light Drifter (which marks targets, and can be turned into a sword that causes bonus damage to marked targets while regenerating the gun’s ammo), a bone club powered by the skull. : Hero Slayer (which is a skeleton, it’s as if you or I went into battle with a severed leg), and the mutton-shredded hero of Curse of the Dead Gods brings a weapon/pistol combo. He returns the favor from the last time a bunch of Dead Cells gear shows up in Curse of the Dead Gods.


I find these kinds of crossover events fascinating between indie developers. When, say, Terraria and Don’t Starve have a crossover, it’s probably due to mutual respect between the creators, rather than another corporate entity being paid to jam into Fortnite.

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