Death of Doctor Strange opens the door to a new Marvel magic legacy hero – Lyra Bloodstone

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A new magical Marvel character with a classic Marvel legacy is being introduced as part of the publisher’s current Death of Doctor Strange event. Lyra Bloodstone, a previously-unknown daughter of evil adventurer Ulysses Bloodstone, will debut on January 12 in Doctor Strange’s Death: Bloodstone #1 — and now we have a redesigned version that will appear in the cover shown below. ,

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Lyra Bloodstone will debut alongside her already established siblings Elsa and Cullen Bloodstone, a pair of monster hunters who share a bond as blood relatives, but don’t share much — to the point where They don’t even get along normally.


Elsa and Cullen – and the mystery sister Lyra they didn’t know about – are being brought together in the wake of Doctor Strange’s death (which happened in the nose titled Death of Doctor Strange #1). Following his assassination, mysterious beings from our universe and others are arriving in the main Marvel Universe – some seeing an opening into Earth’s magical defenses, while others seeking refuge against someone or something known as Doctor Strange. Was able to kill the mighty.

Excalibur writer Tiny Howard will join IG Guara on the Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1 one-shot, which will bring three Bloodstones together to stop some of these magical threats that are targeting Lyra for some reason. .

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But Lyra is not defenseless; According to Marvel, he has a Blood Gem like his siblings (and their father before them), but he’s unique somehow — and that’s why these magical creatures are behind him.

Howard previously told Newsrama, “Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone is a must read for Bloodstone fans, and a great introduction to the family for curious readers.” “There’s even a mysterious new family member you’ll find alongside Elsa and Cullen, as the death of Doctor Strange breaks agreements across the universe…”

Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1 will be available for sale on January 12, 2022.

Looks like Bloodstone is joining the crowded pool of Earth contenders Next Wizard Supreme,

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