Deathloop didn’t initially click with me, but when it did…

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I didn’t initially know what to make of Deathloop. After reading the plethora of positive reviews, I was expecting to jump into Arkane’s time-looping FPS and get hooked right away. But it was not so.

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When I first started the game, it didn’t quite click. I don’t understand why it received so much praise from peers and friends. I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the information, hand-in-hand with purpose-to-purpose, and worried that the entire game would follow suit. Luckily, I was wrong.

After a few hours, everything was fine, following advice from others to keep going. Suddenly Deathloop made sense and I’ve found myself thrilled ever since.

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stick with it


When I say that Deathloop took a few hours to click, I personally take that long. There’s a special point, after a tutorial and a few objectives to put you to rest, where you’re finally set loose in the world to perform your murderous task of killing the game’s eight ‘visionaries’ before midnight – when the time The loop resets – and that’s when the real fun begins. But when you get there it really depends on how much you find yourself exploring.

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This killing act isn’t easy and, looking back, I’m glad developer Arkane Studios makes it easy for you to get into the world of Blackreef the way it does. But, in the first few hours, I was not very happy.

You’re given a lot of information about the various features of Deathloop, from its ability slabs to weapon trinkets, to important story elements. All this while Juliana, who is gunning for the protagonist Colt, constantly scolds you on the radio. Even after the tutorial, you’re still following a one-track objective, which gets you from A to B, then back to A, before going back to B. At the time, it felt like having all these features at my disposal were going to be wasted on what appears to be a game that simply takes you through its story.

But Deathloop’s debut, while frustrating at first, actually serves to introduce you to Blackreef and introduce you to the elements that will eventually serve in your overall quest: to kill the Visionaries. They allow you to get a feel for the spectacular gunplay, the hostile eternals that roam each area and what your particular playing style is before the game opens up and you embark on your actual, more enjoyable, missions.

spy colt

Once Deathloop stretched out his proverbial legs, giving me more freedom and stuck in the task at hand, I found it hard to put down. What used to be a simple affair has now become a game of intelligence that has you collect clues and complete objectives that each play a piece in a larger puzzle. Every piece of information you look for has its place, it’s up to you to fit it together.

“What previously seemed a simple matter has now become a game of intelligence that has you collect clues and complete objectives that each play a piece in a larger puzzle. Each piece of information you find has its own place. happens, it’s just up to you to fit it together.”

While at times, the task at hand can seem overwhelming—especially when you consider the different times of day, places, and visionaries—Deathloop offers a tantalizing challenge. Every time I receive a letter, I think about how it plays a role in what I already know. Every time I connect the two dots together, I find myself smiling gleefully. It makes your mind work for pay.

But, having said that, Deathloop doesn’t provide an obscene challenge. A handful of hand-holding, maybe sometimes too much, that nudges you in the right direction – although I’ve found myself a little stumped trying to calculate my next move, sifting through my leads flipping over. There’s also (surprisingly) a fair bit of repetition, the further you get. Once you start retrace your steps in one place at a time, facing the same enemy, Blackreef’s initial effect begins to diminish somewhat – though I can’t help but But all the visionaries want to see the final pay on the floor.

Deathloop isn’t necessarily for everyone. Those hoping for a first-person shooter may be disappointed by the stealth elements, while those looking for a spy game may accept the nuisance of being invaded by Juliana. What I would say is to give Deathloop a chance beyond its first few hours – it paid off immensely for me.

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