Deathloop has at least one undiscovered secret left, says level designer

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There’s a lot you can miss deathloop. It is spread over four regions, each with four time periods, and given the reactivity between these regions and time periods, it is possible to complete a play without discovering piles of stuff. Although it’s been almost a month since Arkane’s latest release, and it’s fair to say that the collective efforts of the Internet might have uncovered everything. Correct?

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Apparently not, according to Arkane level designer Julian Avil. “I know for a fact that the Internet hasn’t found everything hidden in Deathloop until now,” he tweeted. “There’s still a secret I want someone to discover.”

According to Evil’s tweet, his work was primarily on the Updamp area: both noon and noon types. So you’d probably expect that secret to be hidden there, but it’s not that simple. In response to a Twitter user asking about the nature (and supposed insignificance) of the mystery, Evil had this to say: “It’s a massive consequence of a kind of big event that could only happen if you did it. Cause and consequence are not on the same map!”


In other words: don’t just kill the subadult during the afternoon or early afternoon for hunting, it’s a tumbling domino type affair. And yet, it’s not that hidden either. “It’s really very ‘on the nose’, but that’s dependent on a series of obvious constraints,” Evil tweeted.

In case you missed, Deathloop is fantastic, according to our review.

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