deathloop It just launched yesterday to stellar reviews, and is widely being touted as a potential Game of the Year contender. In-spite of this deathloop Being one of the highest rated new games released this year, it looks like the PC version is in a rough state, possibly due to its use of Denuvo.

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Denuvo is an anti-tamper software that has faced criticism for its impact on performance. A number of issues have been reported in the past in games using Denuvo, including stutter, frame rate degradation, and SSD degradation. PC audiences have become extremely wary of any title that uses it, and it seems deathloop Judging by user reviews of the game on Steam, this is the latest entry on the list.


As it stands, there are a total of 3,118 user reviews. deathloop on Steam, and the overall reception is labeled as mixed. Of them, 1,973 are positive while 1,145 are negative, though positive reviews also mention performance issues that are probably arising due to Denuvo. Those users think the game below is great, and worth playing after the problems are resolved. Stutter and frame-rate drop seem to be the biggest concerns, and even players with high-end PCs are facing it to some extent.

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Deathloop Juliana Kick

This is not the first time users have complained about performance issues of a game developed by Arkane Studios, as its PC version 2 Was notorious for having problems at launch. 2 It was patched several times during its life-cycle, and it’s frustrating to learn that users are facing problems with another game made by the same studio.

A flood of negative reviews is not an uncommon result of such situations, especially when complaints against Denuvo are well documented. Denuvo is also compatible with PS5, but its impact on PS5 game performance remains to be seen.

Continued before these issues came to the fore deathloop Its exclusivity has been a hot topic of discussion given the nature of the deal. deathloop There’s a PS5 and PC exclusive scheduled until September 2022, despite the fact that Microsoft now owns Arkane Studios. As the exclusivity deal was announced by Microsoft ahead of Bethesda’s purchase, consumers who want to play the Xbox version have no choice but to wait. On the bright side, fans can expect these issues to be fixed when deathloop Xbox Game Pass launches for PC in September 2022.

deathloop Now available on PC and PS5.

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