developers behind deathloop He claims that there is still a big secret that the players have yet to discover. Which is a rather surprising claim considering it deathloop Has been out for more than 3 weeks. In the modern age this is usually enough time for players to visit every nook and cranny a title has to offer thanks to the power of the internet.

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deathloop The level’s designer, Julian Avil, however, claims that players still haven’t found this a major secret. Granted, there’s a huge amount of land to cover deathloop Within four different time periods and four different regions. Thus, there is a lot of hidden material in it. deathloop For those willing to go off the beaten path.


Unfortunately, solving this mystery doesn’t seem as easy as just exploring the map. deathloop. Had it been so, perhaps the mystery would have been unraveled by now. Responding to a fan about the mystery, Evil said: “It’s a huge consequence of a kind of big event that can only happen if you’ve done it. Also, cause and consequence are not on the same map.” !” How confusing does this go with the topic deathloop may be on time.

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Evil offered no more to point players in the right direction than it is most likely to keep the mystery afloat. The developer’s tweet states that they mainly worked at the sub-optimal level during the afternoon and afternoon hours of the area. This may be an irrelevant factor in uncovering the whereabouts of this mystery, however, many deathloop Players consider Updaam to be the most important level of the game.

According to Evil when the secret is revealed it will be very clear to pinpoint it. “This secret isn’t hidden, it’s actually very ‘on the nose’, but it’s not clear that it’s up to a series of obstacles,” which means anyone who is currently playing. Deathloop’s The story, which finds itself rooted in a ‘not so obvious’ chain of events, explores secrets hidden in plain sight. However, this is easier said than done deathloop Many different random encounters and events take place during its playtime.

Arkane Studio has thus been right to create deathloop In form of rejected And Hunt The series also contained many secrets and hidden Easter eggs that were uncovered shortly after its release. Stealth, fast-paced FPS mechanics and suspense seem to be some of the developers’ strong suits.

deathloop Available for PC and PS5.

Source: IGN

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