deathloop It has been generally well received by fans and critics, but many gamers have observed that this immersive first-person shooter/roguelite is far from perfect. It appears that the developers are also aware of the game’s flaws, and deathloopThe first major game update of the NPC is dedicated to improving AI and fixing pending issues.

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one of the biggest complaints about deathloop Its “dumb” was the AI, which prioritized stability over curiosity or even remembered that Colt existed when he was out of sight of a given character. Game Update 1 reportedly improved NPC pathing and player reactions in general, with some additional changes added to affect the behavior of specific characters. It appears to have enhanced the smoothness of the camera, added some new features for both the PS5 and PC versions, and resolved a number of issues that can cause games to crash.


Game Update 1 is huge, about 5GB on PS5 and 11GB on PC. The PS5 version gives players a calibration screen for HDR while the PC version adds support for Nvidia DLSS and Sony DualSense controller audio as well as settings for fog quality. Both the platforms will now have an onscreen bad-connection indicator. this could be good news for everyone deathloop Players who wanted major improvements, but the update also includes a variety of complex changes.

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Alexis Dorsey’s responses have been changed to make it easier to choose between guests of her party, an issue that could have reset Colt’s progress has been fixed, and PS5 activities and content in the Game Help system. Improvements have been made to the DualSense controller’s vibration, and audio mix quality. The PC version specifically fixed an issue with the mouse wheel. Both versions of the game have now fixed unlock issues with the “Oh” and “Deathday Suite” achievements, as well as tilt incompatibility issues.

Finally, several issues related to playing as Juliana deathloop Addressed including a crash issue when a Juliana player unlocks an achievement using Havoc. The developers have restricted both Juliana’s functions, directly listening to radio conversations to Colt’s ears in order to unlock achievements for Colt and Juliana players only. They’ve also fixed a bug that causes kills that sometimes go awry for Juliana players, ensuring that laser mines, turrets, and fireworks are correct for both Colt and Juliana players. working properly.

deathloop Out now for PC and PS5.

Deathloop Doesn’t Answer Every Question, and Doesn’t Need to

Deathloop asks a lot of questions but doesn’t answer them all, leaving some things for the players to find the answers for themselves.

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