Death’s Gambit: Afterlife update doubles the size of its Soulslike adventure

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was a death gamble Likes one of the better 2D souls in 2018, thanks to some great artistic direction and an impressive level of character customization (plus Matt Mercer plays Death that never hurts). For those of you who missed out, or just want to revisit the land of Cyradon, now they have a chance with Death Gambit: Afterlife, a free update for those who own the original game. Steam.

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Watch the trailer for the new release date above.

The original game was already a good length, but the Afterlife update includes 10 new worlds, six new boss fights, 22 weapons, 100 talents, as well as a laundry list of story content, cinematics, and gameplay enhancements. It looks like a pretty significant upgrade, with some entire areas looking like they’ve been visually reworked from the ground up. Developer says the world’s radius has “doubled in size”


The narrative of the Death’s Gambit is, to no one’s surprise, grim and atmospheric, the kind you’d expect a soulmate to be. Playing as Sorun, a military commander who perishes in battle, you are resurrected from the physical manifestation of death and offered a contract to serve. As Death’s Right Hand, you will travel to Cerradon to defeat the indestructible Guardians of the Realm. Like in Dark Souls, you’ll learn more about the state of the world as you venture through locations and defeat incredibly difficult bosses, like a giant armored horse thing or a lightning-shooting lizard.

Samuel Knocked a bit of the death gamble As for some of its gameplay design choices, so hopefully they will be addressed with Afterlife’s new movement and attack mechanics. Improvements have been made with new game+ modes and a new crafting system to create better weapons.

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Death’s Gambit: Afterlife arrives on Steam on September 30th for $19.99, unless you already own the base game, in which case the update is free. To celebrate the occasion, publisher Serenity Forge is also releasing some new Death’s Gambit Merchant, including a 2LP vinyl record. killer soundtrack.

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