Deep dive into stupid: Meet the growing group that rejects germ theory

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Listen, wolves: COVID-19 does not exist. Viruses do not cause disease, and they are not contagious. Doctors and health experts who say otherwise don’t know what they’re talking about; The real experts are on Facebook. And they’re saying it loud and clear: Epidemics are caused by poor choices in your own life, like eating meat or pasta. Any “COVID” symptoms you may experience are actually the result of toxic lifestyle exposure – and only you are to blame.

As utterly silly and disgusting as all of the above, it’s no exaggeration of messages being spread on the Internet by a growing group of Darwin-prize finalists—that is, germ theory denialists. Yes, you read that right: Germ Theory Denialists—also called people who don’t believe that pathogenic viruses and bacteria can cause disease.


As an extension of their rejection of basic scientific and clinical data collected over centuries, they deny the existence of devastating pandemics that have sickened more than 200 million people worldwide, causing more than 4 million More people have been killed.

Germ theory denialism is not new. It can be traced back to the origins of germ theory, often to Louis Pasteur’s contemporaries named Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp. Both invented hypotheses contrary to Pasteur’s permanent germ theory. Bernard proposed the concept of internal environment, which states that the internal environment of the body—or the areas– Maintains its balance. The state of the terrain, rather than the presence of pathogens, ultimately decides whether disease will develop (which is not a completely crazy idea, given what we now know about the microbiome and the immunocompromised). Meanwhile, Bechamp—considered a bitter rival to Crank and Pasteur—suggests that pathogenic bacteria are produced by human tissue as a reaction to harmful changes in the locality. Thus, bacteria do not Reason Disease; Those are just its self-made symptoms—which is clearly wrong.

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These ideas were left behind by the scientific and medical communities in the light of Pasteur’s findings, and later, Robert Koch’s Fundamental Concepts for Microbial Pathogenesis, Koch’s postulates. But they seem to live in a fringe community, with their interpretations and explanations changing and changing over time. And with the devastating global pandemic, it seems the deniers are having some renaissance.

A germ theory denial emailed me and pointed to a Facebook group called “Terrain model refutes germ theory,” where a particular strain of germ theory denialism is flourishing. An administrator of the group noted in April that the group had grown to 15,000 members, up from just 147 members in April of 2020. Now, just a few months After that, the tally is up to 18,400.

toxic ignorance

While the depths of human stupidity are displayed in the Internet rival Marianas Trench, the audacious ignorance this group displays is truly astonishing. In the group’s current germ theory on denialism, bacteria are merely scavengers and are a symptom of disease. Viruses are considered cellular debris and cannot cause disease or be transmitted from person to person.

According to the group members’ delusions, there is only one disease in existence: toxemia. The disease is caused by toxic exposure leading to an unhygienic, unnatural lifestyle that damages your area. All disease symptoms are just a sign that your body is trying to “detox”. If your body is not able to detox, the disease will progress beyond level seven, the last level being cancer. The type of symptom you are experiencing can help identify the toxic exposure you have. If you remove the toxic component of your diet or environment, you will be fine—though if you reach level seven, it can be difficult to come back.

The group notes that a sick person has no one to blame for his or her illness. “It’s an easy cop to blame disease on a virus or bacteria,” reads a post in the group’s “Guides” section. “It is not good business to tell a client that they have caused their own suffering, so the medical profession blames the misery on everything but the individual’s own failure in the game of life.”

So how do you avoid toxic exposure and failure in life? Basically, you just eat a lot of fruit and cut out everything “not suitable for humans”. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, bread, pasta, soy, nut and seed oils, potatoes, garlic, onions, grains, salt, fermented foods, coffee, supplements, alcohol, tobacco and other intoxicants. Oh, and all the evidence-based drugs, medical treatments, and vaccines—obviously.

If you’re not convinced by the group’s views and point to medical experts who say wild things like “viruses can make you sick” And “Protein is essential for a healthy diet, “You are shamefully wrong. According to the group, all doctors are just brainwashed puppets, controlled by a profit-driven pharmaceutical and medical research community, determined to convince everyone they need to stay healthy. need to buy magic pills. “The germ theory is nothing but a mass profit driver for the disease industry,” said Nora Lenz, who denies the germ theory A video hosted on the site. Of course, group members know better, because, you know, they’ve read a lot of stuff on the Internet—like very!

“contained facts”

“There are people who have masters [sic] The degree that has fallen because of this pandemic,” one group member posted. “And there are high school dropouts who can see through all of the media’s deceit. So being smart is not measured only by being educated by colleges.”

In fact, the denial that led me to this Facebook group—Robert Yaklin—has done so to point out my ignorance. “When I read that you were interested in infectious diseases, I couldn’t resist contacting you,” Yaklin wrote, seemingly referring to the fact that I have a doctorate in bacterial pathogenesis. “While I’m sure you believe such a thing exists because you’ve been led to believe in the germ theory, it’s no more proven than the theory of a flat Earth. I suggest reading the facts thoroughly.” -built-in” about Terrain Models The things that you have believed will be revealed to be untrue.” (If only my PhD advisor had known about this Facebook group!)

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