Defeat the hordes when BPM: Bullets Per Minute arrives October 5

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Hey PlayStation fans! We’re excited to reveal that BPM: Bullets Per Minute is coming to PlayStation 4 on October 5th, as well as playable on PS5 at 4k 60fps.

What is BPM: Bullets Per Minute All About?

BPM is a rogue-like rhythm-action FPS where you have to shoot, jump, dodge and reload to the beat of an epic rock soundtrack that will knock your socks off! Delve into a randomly generated dungeon where a string of missed notes can spell your death.


Your goal is to reach the end of these dungeons, collecting different weapons, abilities, and items each time you play. Begin by choosing your mighty Valkyrie to repel the hordes. Each Valkyrie begins with a unique weapon and stats, but as you progress through the stages, you gain game-changing abilities to help you defeat enemies and powerful bosses.

But remember, every action, whether you like weapons or abilities, is timed with music. Every bullet, dodge, and reload must be synced to the soundtrack. Only by mastering the rhythm of an action can you clear every randomly generated dungeon and reach a climax.

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Shrines, Shops and Libraries Oh My!

No one would be like Rogue without a merchant to buy health, armor, weapons and upgrades. Like any good store, every purchase adds points to your loyalty card so don’t forget to use them for upgrades!

Wield a powerful arsenal of weapons and abilities that have different behaviors for firing and reloading on the beat. All of these can radically change the way you play, making each play unique.

As you go through the different rooms, you get to see a variety of temples. Be sure to check them out and get away with some coins… you may receive ability upgrades or blessing items depending on the temple.

did you get the key? The keys open chests and doors, including the library. We won’t say much about it other than the books placed near it, it’s worth a read!


Battle a diverse array of enemies with unique rhythmic behavior in these randomly generated dungeons and a boss fight after each stage. Defeating the Seven Masters takes you to Nidhogg, your old enemy. Like every enemy, every boss moves and attacks in a unique way, which you must learn to take advantage of if you want to be successful.

difficulty mode

BPM offers several difficulty modes which makes it accessible to newbies and professionals alike. From ‘practice mode’ where everything slows down, allowing newcomers to get up to speed on shooting and reload on the beat, to the most challenging modes: hellish. Are you courageous enough to face the challenge?

If that wasn’t enough, during each stage there are challenge rooms where you can test your metal.

(Additional help can be found in the Options menu: Auto Rhythm is helpful for those who struggle with rhythm-based games.)

even score

as described metal as hell By NME, pulsating synth and crushing guitar accompany you as you battle through your adventure. The soundtrack is composed by Sam Houghton and Joe Collinson, who perfectly flex their most monstrous muscles. Think Doom, but with a more rapid beat. We hope you’ve enjoyed this dive into BPM, and when BPM: Bullets Per Minute releases on PS4 worldwide on October 5th, you’re ready to conquer the Rulers of Helheim. Also can be played on PS5 at 4k 60fps.

Happy Rockin’!

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