Demand Curve: How to get social proof that grows your startup

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when people Unsure, they look to others for practical guidance. This is called social proof, which is a physical influence that affects your decisions every day, whether you know it or not.

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Feather demand curve and through our agency bell curveWe have helped over 1,000 startups improve their ability to convert cold traffic into repeat customers. We have found that using social proof effectively can improve conversions by up to 400%.

This post explains how to collect and use social proof to help grow your SaaS, e-commerce, or B2B startup.

Amazingly, we’ve seen negative reviews help improve conversion rates. Why? Because they help in setting the expectations of the customers.

How businesses use social proof


Have you ever stopped to check out a restaurant because there was a huge line of people in front of it? It wasn’t by chance.

It is common for restaurants to limit the size of their reception area. It forces people to wait outside, and the line signals to people that the restaurant is so good it’s worth the wait.

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But for Internet-based businesses, social proof looks a little different. Instead of people standing in line outside your storefront, you’ll need to create social proof that resonates with your target customers—they’ll look for different clues to indicate whether doing business with your company is “normal” or “normal.” “is acceptable. Behaviour.

B2B. social proof for

People like to compare themselves to others, and this is especially true when it comes to customers of B2B businesses. If your competitor is able to get a contract with a company you’ve been nurturing for months, you’ll be puzzled (and want to know how they did it).

Therefore, B2B social proof is most effective when you display the logos of the companies you do business with. This signals to the people checking your website that other businesses trust you to deliver your offers. The more notable or respected logos you have on your site, the stronger the impact.

Social Proof for SaaS

Depending on the type of SaaS product or service you are selling, you may be selling to either an individual or a business. The strategy remains the same, but the channels will be slightly different.

The most effective way to generate social proof for SaaS products is through positive reviews from trusted sources. For consumer SaaS, it will be through influential bloggers and YouTubers speaking highly of your product. For B2B SaaS, this would be through positive ratings on review sites like G2 or Capterra. Proudly display these testimonials on your site.

Social proof for e-commerce brands

E-commerce brands typically sell directly to an individual through ads, but because anyone can buy ads, you need to indicate trust in other ways. The most common way we see e-commerce brands building social proof is by nurturing an organic social media following on Instagram or TikTok.

This signals to new customers that you have received a seal of approval from others like them. Having an audience allows you to display user-generated content from your existing customers.

how to collect social proof

There are five avenues startups can tap to collect social proof:

  1. product reviews
  2. appreciation letter
  3. Public Relations and Earned Media
  4. influential person
  5. social media and community

Here are some of the tricks we used to help startups become social proof.

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