one of fate 2The major issues of the game have always been the fact that when it comes to gameplay and character creation, there’s a lot going on in the background, and the problem only gets much worse with Shadowkeep’s Armor 2.0 update. Shadowkeep introduced a number of new modes and gameplay elements, which was great in terms of more content and fun things to do or encountering enemies by the community, but they made things even more complicated in many ways. Armor 2.0 meant that armor pieces could now be masterworked, and they got many more stats to use and look for when building a theory for a build. fate 2,

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in just five days, fate 2 Will see the release of its 30th Anniversary Pack, a DLC full of new content that’s accompanied by a massive sandbox patch that’s set to rock the game’s foundations. In fact, each . there will be a huge division between fate 2abilities and supers, grant them different cooldowns and increase or decrease power to bring them in line with Bungie’s approach to the game. It’s also meant to encourage players to dedicate themselves to building customization more than ever.


Bungie released its weekly TWAB post today, and it covers many of the changes that are coming to the game, but more importantly, Bungie finally addressed one of the pet peeves of the community. From next Tuesday, when the new patch drops, fate 2 Players will be able to switch armor modes instantly at no glimmer cost, which is incredibly helpful for testing builds and trying new things without the burden of limited resources getting in the way.

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Destiny 2 30th anniversary pack should not contain hunter buff pve change seasonal mods hunter weakens tether

Furthermore, the change is exceptional because it eventually allows third-party apps such as the Destiny Item Manager and Destiny Companion app to finally access mods and other components, to change them remotely whenever players want. This is unbelievable, and it will allow fate 2 Theorycraft players create and apply all the changes they want from their phones, no need to log in to the game and Glimmer is paid for every single mod.

The road to more freedom with build customization, however, isn’t all rosy, and some fate 2 Players pointed to problems becoming the focus of customization in the near future. Still, removing the glimmer cost from slotting mode is one of the biggest lifesaving changes Bungie can implement, and it bodes well for the game’s future.

fate 2 Available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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