With Halloween just around the corner, fate 2 is taking a suitably spooky turn with the 2021 iteration of Festival of the Lost. The event brings with it a lot of new loot for the Guardians to grind, whether they want some cosmetics for the time of year or one of the weapons available to earn. However, a special mask available for the 2021 festival is grabbing players’ attention thanks to its over-the-top look and creative wordplay.

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The festival of the lost is one of fate 2Regular seasonal events available to all players around Halloween. Like other seasonal events, the primary seller is Eva Levante who towers over a variety of cosmetics available in the game’s Eververse storefront, as well as seasonal quests, bounties, and event-themed prizes for players to grind. The most notable new prizes to grind at 2021’s Festival of the Lost include the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle and new dinosaur-inspired armor sets for each character-type.


That said, the mask the players are paying attention to this time around is the cleverly named Honk Moon Mask. As the name implies, the mask gives the player an appropriately sized version of Earth’s moon with two red eyes and horns acting as the mask’s cosmic mouth. for a long time Luck Inspired by the popular hand cannon Hawkmoon, players can easily pick up the name of the mask.

Honk Moon Mask From
fate game

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Players have taken to social media to applaud the mask and its humorous name for helping kick-start the Festival of the Lost. Reddit user IMistral shared his admiration for the mask in a thread dedicated to it, thanking Bungie for giving players such an over-the-top mask. This sentiment was shared with several users commenting in the thread, to which Bungie community manager Cosmo stated that players “asked for Honk Moon” and that it was their fault that the mask existed.

Bungie doesn’t shy away from the ridiculous when it comes to Festival of the Lost and the masks available to players. The variety ranges from Chicken Heads inspired by Cayd-6’s beloved Chicken Colonels to Glitterball Ghost Shells to give players a different glow. A more recent example is a mask based on penguin toys found throughout Europa that players can purchase from Eververse.

However, it’s fair to say that Bungie may have created the most ridiculous item for Han Moon. fate 2 over the life span of the game. Whether the studio will be able to outdo itself when the next Festival of the Lost arrives remains to be seen.

fate 2 Currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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