whereas fate 2At launch the lack of content was lamented as one of the game’s biggest issues at the time, four years after the game flourished in many ways. That’s probably thanks to Bungie’s revamped approach following the successful launch of Forsaken, which celebrated its third anniversary just a week ago, and also thanks to a seasonal model that constantly adds new things to do or see. fate 2 There’s also a good balance of tough PvE content and PvP, as the newly revamped Test of Osiris shows.

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The perfect mix of PvE and PvP is offered in Gambit, a game mode launched with Forsaken, where players must defeat waves of enemies and either invade the battlefield of the opposing Guardians or To stop the invaders. The gambit is full of close calls, where it’s about time to accumulate motes before killing an invader, and therefore defeating blockers fast enough to allow allies to summon the primeval. so what fate 2 The player gain in the Gambit was an incredible feat, and so did this Reddit post.


In fact, ResponsibleCover868 shared a clip of his brilliant play as an attacker, denying the enemy team a total of 60 Motes. What the Guardians achieved is no easy task, and it all started with him accumulating 15 Mots for his team, and then taking the portal to the enemy Guardians’ battlefield, rocket launcher ready. As all the opposing players gathered around Mot’s Bank to defeat Blocker and collect their valuables, ResponsibleCover868 shoots his Deathbringer in the general direction of the enemies.

Denied 60 votes with 1 shot of not a death bringer today From
destiny 2

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Because each of Deathbringer’s missiles split into target-seeking projectiles, detonating the missile at just the right time can convert all of the projectiles at enemies. That’s exactly what happened in this case, and one shot wiped out the entire team of four Guardians, which was very disappointing for them. Losing in the Gambit is already troublesome, but being denied 60 of them in a bunch of seconds can turn the tide quite a bit.

fate 2 Players are no strangers to incredible gambit attacks and counterplay, such as one shared by another Redditor, where they stop attacking Titan with Thundercrash by landing any kills. Despite the Gambit needing a rework and more content, with only four maps remaining since Beyond Light, it is still one of the most intense activities available. fate 2, as this story once again proves.

fate 2 Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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