fate 2 One of the most played games, as well as one of the biggest. As such, it should come as no surprise that each year Bungie adds new cosmetic items and events based on seasonal holidays, such as the Festival of Lost for Halloween, and Dawning for Christmas. These events are always a great time to play together, whether it’s with friends or random players through groups created online, and they’re often about sharing things, looting, and creating memes.

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Bungie’s robber shooter is no stranger to memes, like the aforementioned Festival of the Lost pairing with Hank’s Mask recently. The festivities began yesterday with an event on the game’s weekly reset fate 2 Players can start at the Tower by talking with Eva Levante, and this includes diving into the Haunted Lost Sector and other activities to claim sweet loot and candy. this year, fate 2With Beyond Light vaulting Mercury and its assets last year, the Haunted Forest isn’t coming back, so the Haunted Lost Sector is something many players were looking forward to.


Of course, another great aspect of fate 2Its seasonal holiday program is that they bring in new cosmetics every now and then, while the previous ones also come back to the store for Bright Dust or Silver. A Reddit user by the name of QuintillionthDiocese shared his new look for Festival of the Lost, which is incredibly similar to the Power Rangers Megazord. The look is achieved by mixing leg armor that sheds asymmetrically with the new Titan Dino armor set, called Technosaurus.

I have acquired the megazord From
fate game

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The resemblance to Megazord is supernatural, and the fact that it’s a Titan set is all the more fitting. Many players are excited about the arrival of the Dino Armor set fate 2, and they were actually voted on by the community during a poll earlier this year, the other option being the monster set. The new look of the QuintillionthDiocese is a prime example of how fate 2 Players embrace the memes that are brought up all the time, and Bungie fully supports this by doing so.

This year’s Festival of the Lost finally uses the Ascend lens introduced last year, so players who own the item can redeem additional rewards from Mara Sou. This is more proof that Bungie is planning things fate 2 For a long time, and it bodes well for the content it introduced with next year’s The Witch Queen expansion.

fate 2 Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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