fate 2 One of those games where players can really notice how much attention there is to detail, Bungie has crafted every little aspect of the experience with great care. There are cinematics involved, with all the audio and video departments combining to create something truly unique, but even the base game is full of moments where everything falls into place. Gamers at launch will know what the feeling was like forever fate 2Of the Red War, it all lightened from the very beginning, when the Guardians were forced to leave the city.

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This continued in Forsaken, of course, with an amazing soundtrack blending perfectly with the narrative and characters. A notable example is the cinematic with Cayde-6’s Last Stand with Scorn in the Prison of the Elders, his ghost being murdered by Piraha, one of the Scorned Barons. He is the pinnacle of cinematic detail fate 2, even including sounds like reloading Ace of Spades and obtaining Memento Mori, or as Cayde uses it, Golden Gun Super.


However, a Reddit user by the name of WarlockShaxx pointed out how Bungie missed something bigger, or perhaps just paid a terrifying tribute to the infamous Cayde-6 in the same cinematic. In fact, Kayd is seen slaying a number of scorned enemies and is known to be an excellent gunslinger who never misses a shot, and yet the trailer never shows a firefly exploding from precise kills. As such, WarlockShaxx states that it’s possible that, canonically speaking, Cayde never actually landed a headshot, or perhaps Firefly was absent from Cayde’s version of Ace of Spades for some reason.

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Another Redditor named SharanProphet quickly responded to WarlockShack’s post by saying that this is because Cayd was voiced by Nathan Fillion and his sci-fi series, firefly, was cancelled. The joke is a brilliant one, and it ties in perfectly with the original post, so much so that AsylumProphet garnered more upvotes than the actual post, and plenty of awards, too.

while many fate 2 Players are still upset about Cayde’s death in Forsaken, which could be a blessing in disguise because of how many major story moments it has. Even though, the reason Cayde’s shots ever caused a solar blast through Firefly remains a mystery, and Forsaken may soon be placed in the vault, it’s likely that Bungie will never actually share the answer.

fate 2 Available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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