Recent news that Bungie will vault leave tangled coast fate 2 The fans are a bit shocked, but not completely surprised. As a result, players are sharing “mourning” of Tangled Shore’s Vault online, often both mocking what else is left in this upcoming removal process and celebrating the idea of ​​new content coming to replace it. .

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Overall, Tangled Shore is an interesting enough spot on its own fate 2However, when it comes to content it doesn’t compete much that players are more interested in consistently engaging. This of course means that many of these memes are more poking fun at the loss of the region, rather than actually mourning or outraging the loss of old material this year.


A distinctive meme format has taken over Reddit, originally depicting The Flash, or at least the actor who portrayed him on The CW, Grant Gustin, a seemingly unremarkable figure at the grave of rival/patron character Oliver Queen. It happens bragging. In terms of fate 2 abandoned Vault, some of these memes have replaced the grave with tangled noise and Gustin with several vendors from places like Nessus and the EDZ. The idea is that there are many other places fans can expect to see on the chopping block, especially those from the first year. fate 2, which are still left of Bungie’s vault.

Seriously, why the tangled coast? From
destiny 2

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A wider focus of memes and jokes have also floated around the series as Bungie announces upcoming changes to this segment of both campaign and locations. It has come with several fans sharing their opinions about the loss of Tangled Coast fate 2Of course, many share an equally nostalgic reaction to the loss of an area that doesn’t regularly get players’ attention. There are plenty of fans with differing opinions on the state of this vault, but the people who make up the memes mostly align with the nostalgia that is missing from the game in this area.

Recent trend of vaulting content to bring in new and old content fate 2 Such as Vault of Glass, as well as future raids and attacks, have caused controversy among players since Bungie first announced that these changes were coming. It’s a tough situation where no matter what the developer removes, it’s at least one player’s favorite, which means there’s really no way to please everyone who doesn’t make it to the vault. In the case of leave The campaign in particular, it was a turning point for a lot of players in the second game in the franchise, making it difficult for some to get past and insignificant for others.

fate 2 Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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