While not the most successful so far, fate 2Season two of Lost came with two significant changes that made the gameplay feel different. the first major departure from the norm fate 2 The experience is that the ammo economy was drastically changed by giving the primary weapons infinite ammo, and removing the primary ammo bricks from the world. Infinite ammo is useful in both PvE and PvP, and also improves some weapons.

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The bows were most affected by this change, given that none of them used special ammo and only had a heavy ammo bow. fate 2, The second notable change was made to the Kinetic weapons, which have always dealt non-elemental damage until the sandbox patch of Seasons of the Lost. However, fate 2 Players can now find Stasis Kinetic weapons that come with their own set of new perks like headstones. This means that more stasis weapons are likely to arrive in the future.


Since the announcement, fate 2 Players expected to see the Stasis Kinetic bow as a result of the change, especially given that the Wolftone draw bow was added as part of Season of the Lost’s seasonal loot pool. As such, a Reddit user named DeimosDs3 posted a post saying that fate 2 A stasis alien bow should be found next, a statement that stems from the fact that the only other exotic kinetic bows fate 2 Useless in PvE and non-optimal in PvP. Season of the Lost Features a overload champion mod for bow, and having a great PvE option in the Kinetic slot and a stasis bow on top of that will improve build variety.

I really hope we get a good Stasis alien bow. From
fate game

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Another player commented that they would like to see the Stasis Bow shoot icicles, which would not be possible with the Legendary Bow, but an Alien Bow could explore that option. Perks such as the Headstone and Archer Gambit are also very popular within fate 2 community, and it would be great to get an exotic bow with any of them – if not even a legendary one.

Nevertheless, the 30th Anniversary Pack will launch next week, and a aura The crossover is rumored to be coming fate 2, Either way, the DLC is guaranteed to include plenty of new weapons, and while it may be too soon for an alien stasis bow, it’s not impossible for players to find a Legendary in its place.

fate 2 Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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