fate 2 Famous for its great raids and dungeons, which often contain lots of secret mechanics or encounters, which is something that Bungie has always been very good at in its games. A great example is the now-vaulted Leviathan Raid, which had a lot of puzzles that went deep into Emperor Callus’ ship to get more loot and exciting rewards for players. 30th Anniversary Pack introduces the fourth dungeon fate 2 As the Grass of Avarice, which can be farmed without limits and provides many powerful items.

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Just a week ago, a YouTuber and content creator named Cheese Forever shared a video showing how fate 2 Players can skip the Grass of Avarice encounter for free loot. This technique immediately became very popular because it created what is considered to be the most annoying encounter in the dungeon, which occurs when players must destroy the Fallen Shield before it can connect with the final boss. It also worked in Master Mode, which was a great way to get Artifice Armor pieces in the process.


As of the recent hotfix from a few days ago, Bungie just finished patching it fate 2 The server uses dungeon exploits to prevent players from going out of bounds by messing around outside the encounter zone. According to the patch notes, additional geometry was placed in the area to make it impossible for players to mess with the wall and rocks, creating a cube that can collide with Hunters Silence and Squall Super to damage the Fallen Shield . Without really engaging with the mechanics of the dungeon.

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Destiny 2 Grace of Avarice Dungeon Server Section Folded Shield Skip Glitch Stasis Hunter Silence and Squall Super Free Loot

While this can be sad for those who didn’t experience the glitch and received their free loot, Bungie has been known to quickly fix game-breaking issues, whether it’s by disabling items and then reinstalling them. by issuing from or by acting immediately by other means. , it’s not the first fate 2 The mess will only last a few days, and it’s not impossible that The Witch Queen expansion will bring more farming methods like this.

While the Grass of Avarice Dungeon has lost its cheese farm, it still offers one of the most viable challenges for new players and those who want to indulge in this type of content, and that’s because prophecies like Its mechanics are simpler than that of dungeons. As such, it is worth noting that a fate 2 The player beats Grasp of Avarice’s Phryzia Solo on his phone, which was also achieved with mobile data.

fate 2 Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Bungie.net

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