After the initial delay of 2021, fate 2 Players are now just a month away from the launch of The Witch Queen. While Bungie has shown off several elements for the upcoming expansion content, including the new Glav weapon, the Hive Guardian, as well as the unique destination set inside the Throne World of Savathun. Naturally, it looks like players will have plenty of content to play with once the expansion hits later in February.

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However, one thing that is still not naturally clear is the season to go with The Witch Queen. Bungie has hinted at some changes here and there such as some new material for Crucible, though there’s still a ton that isn’t known. The start of the new year appears to be changing as Bungie’s first blog post not only confirmed new information in the coming weeks, but started the process with some major news about Artifact Mod and Masterwork Gear Is.


According to TWAB before 2022, Bungie is completely overhauling how Artifact Modes work in Season 16. Traditionally, players earned XP by playing. fate 2, they will unlock new modes to unlock up to a total of 12. However, in Season 16, players are no longer limited to a set number of unlocks, meaning they can potentially unlock all 25 before the season ends with some returning favorites such as Anti-Barrier Scout Rifles and Bow. Are included. Bungie has made the XP requirements a bit tougher once players move past the 12th mod, but the more XP earned, the more mods that can be unlocked.

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In the context of Masterworked Armor, Bungie is making it very easy to change fundamental affinity by significantly reducing the cost. Fully masterworked legendary armor can be switched out for 10,000 glimmers and an upgrade module, while fully masterworked alien armor is slightly higher at 20,000 glimmers and an upgrade module. The non-masterworked gear is left untouched, so the current cost will remain the same.

Finally, Bungie is changing how players can generate power orbs, which no longer require a masterworked weapon or alien catalyst, but can be triggered by specific helmet armor mods. When applied, players will be able to generate ornaments for all equipped weapons of a particular type of damage. Better yet, players can essentially use this new system to cover multiple weapons that share a specific damage type as well as weapons that are elemental, such as Hard Light, Borealis, or Osmosis perk weapons. damage can be reversed.

fate 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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