it’s a big week for fate 2 players. Yesterday, Bungie dropped its 3.4.0 patch with several important changes to the game. The trailer for Phir Thursday Ke Ek New Kahaani fate 2 Expansion witch queen, players are returning fate 2 For the run-up to the release of witch queen, Unfortunately, that kind of activity often leads to issues including exploitation. One such example, an infinite seasonal XP exploit involving Twitch, has now been fixed.

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Bungie and Twitch recently partnered for a unique fate 2 Reward reward. fate 2 Players can gift two subscriptions while watching a Twitch streamer using the official Twitch Destiny extension to receive a special reward. The reward was a bundle of in-game content, which included 5000 glimmers, 3 enhancement cores, 3 Twitch Watchers shaders, a special emblem, and most importantly 12,000 XP. It is XP that became a problem.


for some reason, a few times fate 2 Players who completed Twitch Bounties were able to turn their reward bundle over and over again in-game. exploitation is technically infinite, so fate 2 Players were using the reward to complete endless ranks of seasonal XP. Some described the disturbance as allowing 100 season ranks per hour, and any number of fate 2 The players took full advantage of the exploit.

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However, that exploit has been settled by Bungie. Bungie reportedly discontinued the bounty so that it can no longer be claimed, so there is no more infinite XP to capitalize on. Those hoping to join should save their Twitch subscription. This is a comprehensive response to the exploit, but disabling the entire system so Bungie can find out what specifically went wrong is the best and quickest response. Chances are the bounty will return in the future without exploits.

It is not clear at this time whether fate 2 Players who capitalize on exploits will be punished. Bungie will probably be able to easily track who has claimed more rewards than they earned, so it’s within the realm of possibility. Bungie can choose to erase all unearned rewards, but also leave players unearned otherwise. There’s always the possibility that it doesn’t do anything.

fate 2 Players have a history of finding creative ways to earn rewards in ways that should be considered exploitable. It goes back to the infamous Destiny loot cave. This is just part of what makes a robber shooter, as players are intelligently motivated to earn loot and progress as quickly as possible. It likely took hundreds of hours for those using this new exploit fate 2, and after that they will go back to earning XP the normal way. Gamers are funny like that.

fate 2 Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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