Weekly Updates on All Things Bungie fate 2 This week made its first appearance in 2022. There were many announcements, but what happened fate 2 The community was uprooted by the change in how Orbs of Power are generated.

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until the release of witch queen Expansion, Orbs of Power were generated by using Masterwork weapons, using alien weapons equipped with their full Catalyst, or by casting Super. Once generated, the glowing orbs will fill the player’s Super Gauge. It’s important to note that Orbs of Power will only be generated on weapon multi-kills, rather than on every kill.


The power system’s masterwork and orbs have existed for years. There have been some complaints, namely that alien weapons lacking Catalyst could not be masterworked to generate orbs, but this was a fairly straightforward system. With witch queen With the expansion only weeks away, Bungie has decided to shift to the orbs generation. Beginning in the new expansion, orb generation on Weapon Multikill will not be linked to the state of the weapon’s masterwork, but will be provided by a suite of armor mods tied to the Helmet Armor mod socket.

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According to Bungie, each mod will apply orb-generation effects to all weapons that the player has equipped with a certain damage type. While this would also apply to weapons with multiple damage types such as Hard Light, in theory, a player could be required to have three armor mods when using three different damage types. This is in addition to competing with other mods in the helmet slot. Players are already hit and miss about armor mode and this decision puts another point in the negative category.

Until new weapon crafting systems are introduced, it will be hard to see Bungie’s rationale for this decision. Anyway, players should take this into confidence that Bungie knows what it’s doing, but this can be difficult because the company has made serious errors in the past regarding game design (e.g. Sunset). Further complicating the issue is that because of the engine fate 2 Goes on, it often takes months for Bungie to roll back or revise a change. It’s usually weeks or months after fans beg for a change. While fans can’t do anything but wait, one can expect a lot of complaints from forums and subreddits.

fate 2 Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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