fate 2 Known for the mysterious ways in which its RNG works, and with it being a robber shooter, it matters which guns and pieces of armor players should keep, and which ones to scrap. Because some drops are random, and for the loot pool fate 2 Big enough, players getting exactly what they want is a rare occurrence.

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With Season of the Lost, the loot pool got even bigger, as a new season falls each time. There are new and repurposed weapons, armor sets, and even exotics. However, fate 2Zur, the legendary alien, is now selling Legendary weapons and armor sets, as well as the usual alien class-specific items and exotic engrams, which helps a lot.


This week, along with plenty of god rolls for weapons that players can grab for 50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmers, Zur is also selling some great rolls for Exotic and Legendary Armor pieces. Players can grab a well-balanced pair of Geomag stabilizers rolled with a total stat value of 67, and then there’s another 67 stat exotic to Titans, a one-eyed mask with spikes in mobility and strength. is in the form. There are also great legendary armor pieces for Titans and Hunters to grab, in particular, Hunters’ Gauntlets and Leg Armor, and with a focus on Titans’ Leg and Chest Armor.

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Weapons are where Zur’s list shines this week, like fate 2 Players can get three god rolls from a selection of seven weapons, which is incredibly cool. There are guns to watch for Dire Promise and Main Ingredients and Bottom Dollar for PvE for PvP. The Bottom Dollar is a gambit weapon that rolls on each column with a total of 12 possible perks, making it a great weapon for taking on all kinds of PvE stuff outside of Outlaw/Dragonfly Grandmaster Nightfalls.

The Dire Promise is one of the best hand guns in the game, and the Zur’s comes with a high-caliber round, a snapshot sight, a rangefinder, and a stability masterwork. This makes it an incredible pick for the reworked Trials of Osiris, wreaking havoc on those Guardians who rely on the Unflinching mode in Crucible. Then, another god role is that of the main ingredient, an arc fusion rifle that comes with tap the trigger and under pressure, maximizing its stability and making it a tool of destruction even in trials. Overall, Zur’s list this weekend includes a lot of gods, who fate 2 Players should make sure to get checked out as soon as possible.

fate 2 Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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