despite the blizzard overwatch Being five years old in 2021, the first-person shooter title continues to inspire the creation of content from its artistic community. It is seen how fans still create concept art of their favorites overwatch protagonists, while others show their appreciation by literally dressing up as some of the game’s characters. Recently, another overwatch Fans drew on the popular tank hero D.Va, using techniques that gave the character a softer, more casual face.

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Although most of the characters in the base game were confirmed to be part of the upcoming sequel. overwatch 2, Not much information has been shared about the Korean pro gamer D.Va. Recent news from the development team talks about updated skins and reworks for heroes like Sombra and Bastion. Reports are also saying that damage-trader Mei will experience change. overwatch 2 Too. Considering that D.Va is one of the most famous characters overwatchFans may be wondering and curious as to why the development team hasn’t announced anything about them.


Still, the love for D.Va’s character remains strong. overwatch Community. Redditor KazyHin demonstrated it with her own beautiful artwork of the protagonist. The artist shared a portrait of D.Va created using Adobe Photoshop. Instead of donning her famous mecha skinsuit, D.Va wears a simple blue tank top, making her look more casual. However, she retains her iconic gaming headset that fans love to cosplay with her character, and her noticeable rosy cheekbones. fans will undoubtedly recognize overwatch The protagonists of these characters are dominant in their concept art and premise.

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Several comments on the thread praised the artwork for how detailed the fan art was. Some even suggested the artist share the artwork in other subreddit threads. The Redditor also confirmed that he used multiple texture brushes to achieve the unique look that D.Va gives. On Instagram, fans are likely to note that this isn’t Kazeihin’s first artwork of a video game or anime character. He also took beautiful detailed pictures of Kaine from here. Near ReplicantMILF from Princess Zelda breath of the wild, and even from Tsukino Usagi sailor Moon.

As developers slowly start to reveal more about overwatch 2, it is likely that a unique artwork like Kazihin will be shared within overwatch Community. Hopefully many of them will take inspiration from the game’s sequels as well, as many of the original heroes will return with new looks and features.

overwatch Now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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