In February, Jed Raymond left Google, leaving behind the company and its studio he helped found. Google was shutting down Stadia’s in-house game development efforts, but Raymond’s game development plans didn’t end there. A month later and Raymond announced a new studio, Heaven Entertainment Studio, funded by Sony to create a native IP. Details about Haven’s PlayStation-exclusive project are drip-feed each month, including details of its hiring. Assassins Creed Giants and some new gameplay elements.

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Speaking with, Raymond broke down some of the staff already hired to bring Heaven’s first game to life. Namely, she refers to the major giants from Assassins Creed Voting. This includes Rafael Lacoste, the franchise’s art director until July 2021, as Haven’s artistic director, Writer Corey May as Haven’s world director, AI programmer and gameplay lead Pierre-François Sapinsky as Heaven’s head of production, and others further down the hierarchy. Then there’s Raymond himself, who was the creator of the original Assassins Creed and remained with the franchise till 2014.


Overall, Haven has grown to over 50 developers since its inception in March. Its team is not just made of Assassins Creed Veterans, but also teammates like other Ubisoft assets rainbow six siege And sentinel. Raymond also discussed bringing in talent from Google after the first Stadia team was shut down, which is part of why the studio is named Heaven.

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Haven Motto

Speaking of Heaven, Raymond also revealed some details about the goals the studio is looking towards for its first project. Raymond notes that she sees three things that are “really exciting” that also form pillars for Haven’s approach to game development. Those pillars are “Sports as a Social Platform,” “Remix Generation” which means how young people are more creatively involved and connected than ever before, and “Self-Expression” in a way that stems from user-generated content. is beyond.

Characterizing these ideas, Raymond describes a game concept that not only has depth but is “designed for fans to own from the start.” she notes how Assassins Creed Designed to be “owned” by future creative teams. Heaven’s IP will be designed to be owned by not only its developers but fans.

After all, this is Heaven. It’s a group of friends who have worked together over the years and put together a really creative project. It seems like a special arrangement. Fans just have to be patient to see what Heaven puts together.


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