With regards to indie title publishers, Devolver Digital is a name that is highly respected, with many different games being endorsed by the publisher. Includes multiplayer mayhem fall friends For the Incredibly Crazy FPS Franchise serious Sam, Devolver Digital buys back developers in 2020, after release serious sam 4, 2011 prequel Serious Sam 3: BFE, It looks like the development team is teasing a new entry in the franchise, as evidenced by a new teaser video released by Devolver Digital.

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of croteam serious sam 4 It was met with mixed reception, with many fans and critics praising the game’s unique ideas and strengths, such that its opening sequence was filled with action and unique enemies. The cheesy story and heroes were also high-points for some fans. However, the main problems that angered many were further level degradation in the game, as well as some technical shortcomings, which also hampered the experience.


Despite this, Devolver Digital shows confidence serious Sam The name, as can be seen from a teaser video released on Twitter. It shows some of the environments that will be part of this upcoming game, such as an ocean with buoys and seagulls waiting in line. The video also shows a frozen wasteland, with wrecked ships next to the dock, with lots of ice and snow.

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A voice is heard throughout the teaser, where he is commenting on the cold but is desperate to get into the action. Based on what’s shown, with frozen serious Sam The logo and emoji included in the Twitter post, the game focuses on winter-themed levels. The Post notes that this is a brand new game, teasing a formal announcement next week, where it will also be released this month. Fans expressed their excitement over the upcoming game on Twitter posts, with many expecting the game to be a step up. serious sam 4,

Last piece of content received by fans serious sam 4 There was a Christmas-themed update in 2020. A winter-themed event likewise took players to a snowy land, fighting hordes of aliens in search of gifts that could contain loot. It also brought a number of improvements that helped stabilize the game’s frame-rate and performance issues caused by action-heavy combat. Hopefully Croteam can use what he learned serious sam 4 To make this upcoming game live up to the expectations of the fans.

New one serious Sam The game is in development.

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