Diablo 4 has a new game director: “Doing this world justice is a solemn responsibility”

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Diablo 4 has a new game director after the previous project leader left Blizzard.

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Joe Shelley introduces himself in his new role Latest Quarterly Diablo 4 Updates, and while his title is new, he has been a design lead on the project since its inception. His previous credits at Blizzard include system design on Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls and game design on several World of Warcraft expansions, starting with The Burning Crusade. Luis Barriga, the previous Diablo 4 game director, left the company in the summer in the middle Activision Blizzard Sue.

Shelley said in the update that the Diablo 4 team is “reflecting on recent events” and continues to “work hard to practice the values ​​we aspire to.” Work continues on the project as well, and Shelley took some time to outline his broader vision for the world of Diablo.


“Sanctuaries should always be the glowing items in dark dungeons,” Shelly wrote. “Tales of mighty heroes standing against the onslaught of Hell. The land where trials, treasures, and terrifying monsters lie around every corner is equal parts familiar and limitless in its possibilities. Doing this world justice is a grave responsibility.”

The rest of the update is devoted to a deep dive on the Diablo 4’s sound design, including extensive samples of ambient sound for multiple regions, what a tree monster sounds like, and How to create gory sound effects without actually tearing someone in half?. Keeping a straight face would be difficult to do that last one.

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While you wait for the next chapter of Diablo to start, you can see how Diablo 2 Remastered performs on new-gen consoles.

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