facepalm: An early analysis of the free-to-play MMORPG Diablo Immortal concluded that you would need to spend just over $100,000 to create a fully developed character. At least one gamer claims to have spent so much money on the game, but ended up with an unexpected problem.

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In a video posted on July 31 by JT from the YouTube channel jtisallbusiness said he spent a lot of money on Diablo Immortal – about $100,000 – to create a very strong character. Keith made it through the competition with ease and amassed such a good record that the matchmaking system literally can’t find any opponents to face.

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JT contacted Blizzard about a unique issue over a month ago and was ordered to mail about it on the Blizzard forums. The post has received over 100 replies, but so far nothing official from Blizzard.

After an influx of media attention, JT finally got a response. In an Aug. 2 video, JT claims that a Blizzard rep told him they “approved the fix” and “going to implement it in the coming days.” Unfortunately, JT didn’t go into details regarding the fix, so we’ll have to wait until the patch comes out to see how Blizzard handles the situation.

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Diablo Immortal was released in early June to critical acclaim. Controversial MMORPG went live quickly lowest user rating in Metacritic history and now share last place with Madden NFL 21 with a score of 0.3 out of 10.

However, in the era of surveillance bombing, such a low score should be taken with a grain of salt. This is especially true given the revenue from the mobile version of the game. exceeded $100 million in less than two months. It is clear that not everyone considers the game garbage.

Investing nearly $100,000 in a single game is incomprehensible to most, but big spenders known as whales exist and are important to the game’s success, especially if they can convince friends with similarly deep pockets to join the ride.