Dick Cheney says he’s “deeply disappointed” in GOP leadership

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Former Vice President and member of the House Dick Cheney criticized the Republican leadership while visiting the Capitol on Thursday, the one-year anniversary of the January 6 uprising.

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Running news: Although he initially supported Cheney, the former President Trump’s re-election bid, has become a critic in recent years. His daughter, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), is one of the most outspoken Trump critics in the GOP.

  • a Letter It was his idea last year by all former defense secretaries to urge current defense officials to stay out of attempts to reverse President Trump’s election, according to one of the other signatories,

what is he saying: When asked about the response of the Republican leadership on January 6, Cheney said the leadership “didn’t resemble any of the people I knew when I was here for 10 years.”

  • Cheney served as a member of the Republican House from 1979 to 1989, including functions as Republican Conference Chair and Republican Whip.
  • When asked about the Republican’s dealings with his daughter, who was removed as convention president last year, he said, “My daughter can take care of herself.”
  • also former vice president said ABC’s Jonathan Carl is “deeply disappointed” with the way the GOP leadership has handled January 6.

Description: The former member of the House, who enjoys lifelong floor privileges, joined his daughter on the floor during the pro forma session of the House on Thursday.

  • There were about 30 Democrats in the chamber. Cheney participated in a moment of prayer, vows and silence in honor of January 6. No other Republicans were present.
  • After leading the House into a moment of silence and adjourning the session, Pelosi held talks with Cheney.
  • Several House Democrats lined up to shake hands and talk to the former vice president.
  • When asked about the reception he received from members, Cheney said it was “great” to return to the Capitol. “They’re doing one hell of a job, and I’m here to support it.”


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