Dick Grayson gives a startling take on his first year in Robin & Batman by Lemire & Nguyen

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batman: year one And Robin: Year One Two of the greatest Bat-family superhero stories of all time, and now the histories of those two characters will be explored together in a “Year One” genre series.

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three digit series Robin and Batman Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Dustin Nguyen will delve into Batman’s early years and Robin’s first team-up. The series will be more Robin-centric than previous team-up stories (e.g. Batman: Dark Victory) for both, falling into the “first growing pains” of the pair.

The size of each issue will be enlarged—40 pages, as opposed to the standard 20-something page comic book.


Check out this unexplained preview of Robin and Batman #1:

Dick Grayson was introduced as Batman’s companion Robin in the 1940s Detective Comics #38, and completed a 44-year stint in that role – leaving his own protagonist, Nightwing, to “graduate” to a long line of replacement Robbins to follow.

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Speaking of history, Lemire and Nguyen have their own history – inside Gotham and in an area owned by the creator. His five-year producer-owned epic Alight ends on 18 august Ascend #18. Earlier this year Lemire said the two planned to continue the partnership with “a short project” (presumably this Robin and Batman series), and then another producer-owned series called ‘Project Pavement’ in 2022. .

Nguyen designed the primary cover as well as a different cover for Robin and Batman #1. He has been involved with a variety of covers by Lemire and Rafael Albuquerque. Check them out here:

Robin and Batman #1 (out of 3) will be available for sale on November 9th.

Dick Grayson was the first Robin, but he’s also the coolest — according to us, at least. 10. View our ranked list of best robins And then tell us what you think.

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