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Discord is a cross-platform voice and text chat app originally designed for gamers, but since it became popular, all kinds of communities have switched to it. Even TechSpot employees have moved away from Weak instead, use Discord full-time.

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Discord was created to bring people together around games. You taught us that it can be used for so much more. People use Discord for all kinds of pastimes, from live karaoke nights to group screen painting to virtual wedding parties. People create Discord servers for games, yoga classes, comedy fan clubs, and even run an entire podcast business. Discord is for anyone who can use the space to communicate with their friends and communities.

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Download Discord and experience modern chat:

  • Voice Chat: Join voice channels and communicate with your group.
  • Real-time messaging: Share videos, images and text in advanced chat.
  • Push notifications: never miss anything with @mentions and direct messages
  • Instant Invite: Easily add friends to your voice server by sharing an instant invite link.
  • Direct messages: send private messages one on one
  • Multiple Server Support: Manage all your in-game chat groups in one client.
  • Organized Channels: Keep conversations on topic through structured communication.

What’s new:

  • Android version updated to 126.11.
  • Functions
    • Voice Overlay is now available on all Android devices. It was available before and remains now. Math grammar.
    • Videos can now be played **embedded** in chat and fullscreen. Fullscreen jokes are hard. I myself am half full screen.
  • Error correction
    • More keyboard bugs fixed!
    • Reconnecting to a voice call should remain in a disconnected state.
    • Some rotation crash fixes. You can now barrel safely.
  • Added support for multi-threaded desktop. Watch multiple streams on servers, switch in and out without leaving the call, and close idle video screens of non-streamers.
  • In a special 2 for 1 video enhancement, you can now also share your screen while video chatting in private messages.
  • Tiled emoji added. This means you can create seamless emoji monsters using dozens of emoji like a horrible, frightening puzzle game.
  • Please send your best mosaic emoji to our Twitter. @Discord
  • Improved image embedding by removing the link where appropriate, such as when sending GIFs via the GIF picker, because nothing ruins a beautiful GIF more than linking to haha-funny-gif/84329480%34920348204 above it.
  • Added a 1 hour option for custom status when you feel a certain way but know it will pass within the next 59 minutes.
  • M4A files can now be played in real time. Keep sharing your beats with your friends; maybe you’ll land on our next very cool community Discord playlist.
  • You now need to enter your password before enabling 2FA so that your little cousins ​​Timmy and Tommy don’t accidentally lock you out of your account after you let them play on your computer.
  • New Hypesquad quiz. We are developing HypeSquad Houses with a new quiz; it’s sleek, modern, contemporary, original, updated, insert a word from the thesaurus here. The quiz now asks questions that truly capture what we think it means to be bold, brilliant and level-headed. Retake or take for the first time and join HypeSquad in your user settings.
  • Now you can trim users with roles.
  • Removed call action when right clicking on a bot. My nights got a little lonelier…
  • Integration settings have been overhauled. Manage bots, webhooks, channel tracking, Twitch and YouTube integration from our new settings page.
  • You can now add your GitHub account to your profile.
  • You can now use text-to-speech for individual messages. Hover over the message you want to read aloud and click the three-dot drop-down menu and let our impatient robot guide you.
  • What?! The Mentions tab is evolving. Congratulations, your Mentions tab has become your Inbox. Collect all your unread messages, mentions and pings in one block, and release the ones you don’t need.

Fixes and updates

  • Fixed grunt bar with voice off. The X button didn’t work, nor did the reconnect button we broke last week. You could not escape our Great Red Banner of Shame.
  • In terms of Twitch integration, your Tier 2 and Tier 3 Twitch Emotes can now only be used by users who subscribe to those higher tiers.
  • Windows taskbar > Discord icon > “Mute” and “Mute” options didn’t do anything. But now they do.
  • We will now notify you when you reach the 100 server limit. No, we’re not going to raise the limit… yet.