Twitch Streamer Disguised Toast is a famous troll. Whether it’s his friends, fellow streamers, or his viewers, Disguised Toast loves to mess with people—all in the name of fun (and benefits), of course. Several days ago, one such instance of Disguised Toast’s trolling surfaced after they were banned from Twitch for streaming licensed content. Furthermore, he took to Twitter and media trolls to claim that he would be gone for a full month. Two days later and the toast is back, acknowledging that was his intention.

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To show what he means, the disguised toast shared a text conversation he recently had with fellow Twitch streamer and offline TV member Lillipichu. Back and forth shows the disguised Toast asking Lily to report him for the DMCA strike while he watched the anime on-stream. reason why? Toast tells Lily that this is to “scare people into watching anime”. He says that if she does this while on Twitch, it “could scare a lot of people off.”


Toast admitted he was surprised that the DMCA strike took so long. Those who have been watching the stream of Pseudo Toast will remember that they watched the entirety of the anime. Naruto, as well as all but the conclusion death Note, before he was eventually banned by Twitch. Until then, Disguised Toast was not the first to be banned for anime or other live television streaming. By trying to get banned, they may have helped contribute to the wave of on-stream shows watching in the first place.

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While Toast says it started it to scare streamers away from anime, it’s also a half-jokingly stated goal. He later elaborated that he had no reason for what he did and, “I feel like I’m just bored.” “Not that I have anything new to advertise,” Toast says, before standing up and pulling up, revealing a newly disguised Toast-branded hoodie that appears to have just gone on sale.

As Toast says of his behavior, there are layers of half-truths to his explanation and actions. For what is now clear, his perhaps most honest explanation was a “prank”, which led to his own ban exposing his views on Twitch’s DMCA system. He believes that “something is broken” with the system as it stands. She doesn’t think it was right for her to walk away seeing everything NarutoBut likewise he does not think that Hasan Peekar should have been banned after the false DMCA strike.

In the end, Twitch is likely to be no remedy for the situation. Tackling the DMCA is a wasp’s nest, but apparently extreme cases like Hassan and Toast need to be tackled. in between, Twitch Streamers like Toast will have their fun, make some money by having fun with the situation, and move on to the next thing.

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