one of the reasons star wars It is as popular as it is due to its solid performance of games over the years. Begins to understand the importance of Disney star wars video games, because it’s teasing an announcement about them for this December.

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from the 80s, star wars Video games have taken the cornerstone of assets from the original super star wars On the SNES, to the very dear star wars jedi knight The 90s and early 2000s, most recently, excellent Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Many of these sports have been recognized as equally important for star wars Canon and fanbase in the form of movies and TV shows, especially older games, as they were responsible for expanding the first world Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012. It took a while for Disney to actually start production star wars video game, but fans are getting a pretty decent serving of content with five games currently confirmed in development.


disney teasing a star wars Video game announcement for December 2021. starting today star wars‘ The latest merchandise push, known as “Bringing Home the Bounty,” where every Tuesday through the rest of the year, new star wars Products will be disclosed. The website provides a roadmap for each week, with the week of December 14 being the game controllers, with icons representing that week’s products. Recently there have been rumors that Quantic Dream is working on a star wars games, as well as focused on a Mandalorian.

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Star Wars brings home the Bounty Map

This announcement can be really anything, with practically every star wars The story is open to video game potential. According to the article, “Expect new item revelations inspired by everything Boba Fett. book of, (…) And Mandalorian For classics such as the Skywalker saga films, including animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch And Star Wars: Vision, and much more.” Part of the movement is also to celebrate Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary, with Lucasfilm Senior Vice President Paul Southern saying, “We want to find a way to celebrate all of our beloved characters and stories. Were. From classic to new and everything in between.”

The reaction of many to this may be a matter of concern, as there are currently many star wars Games in development. With so many titles being worked on right now, there are fears that the series will bloat with release and might get tired quickly. However, there is another crowd that believes that more star wars Games would be a good thing, especially where the content so far seems to vary greatly between experiences. From Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, ns Knights of the Old Republic Remakehandjob star wars hunters, and many others, of course there are others star wars Stories to tell and games to create.

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