Nintendo’s long-awaited metroid dread Recently launched to much joy and critical acclaim from fans and critics. This game is a sequel to 2002 Metroid Fusion, where players join Samus Aran in yet another exploration of an unknown planet. In the case of this game, Samus is tasked with investigating Planet ZDR, where several dangerous enemies lie in wait, such as the main robot enemy. metroid dreadEMI. Since the game has been a long-awaited sequel and brand new game in the long-running franchise, there was a lot of celebration for its launch, with other franchises flocking to the hype.

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One of these franchises is Apocalypse, Where doom eternal the team has given metroid dread A piece of art in tribute celebrating its launch. Considering both the Doom Slayer and Samus Aran are space-going heroes who have experience crushing aliens and other enemies on different planets, the art is a fitting tribute. This piece was posted on ApocalypseTwitter account of, the morning of the game’s launch date.


The art features the Doom Slayer with his crucible blade in both hands, standing against the backdrop of an in-game location, waiting for any oncoming enemies. Behind him are several demonic and other demonic entities flying off a cliff behind him, against a bright red background, showing only them in silhouette. It would make for an impressive alternative box art cover doom eternal very.

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for fans of metroid dread, it should be a familiar scene, as it mimics the game’s box art cover. The main difference is that Samus Aran’s arm cannon is being replaced by the Doom Slayer’s sword, and all ApocalypseThe demons are taking the place of EMMI, the robotic enemy she struggles with during her time on Planet ZDR. Given how amicable the fan base is Apocalypse And MetroidThis is an amazing piece of art that both fans can enjoy.

it’s not the first time that doom Another paid tribute to the release of the game. Just last year, the Twitter account even posted some art that was a crossover. Final Fantasy 7 And doom eternalMILF in celebration final fantasy 7 remakeis the launch of. Much the same is done here, where there is a wonderful view of developers recognizing and congratulating each other about their achievements and accolades. Many fans on Twitter also liked the tribute art, with some hoping that Metroid And doomIn similar settings, there can be an outright crossover between the two franchises.

metroid dread Available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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