Dota 2 fans aren’t cheering The International’s awkward fake applause

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Four days before its debut, The International Dota 2 Tournament announced that there would be no live spectators at this year’s spectacle. But while Valve has attempted to replicate the thrill of listening to the live crowd, fans aren’t exactly happy about the event’s in-game applause.

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Unveiled a day before kick-off, audience cheer Allows fans to send a virtual cheer by clicking on a team name, either in-game or on Twitch. The number of these cheers adds to a virtual crowd roar, ideally increasing in intensity whenever a particular spicy game takes place.

In practice, fans don’t seem too keen on these disjointed crowds. NS dota 2 subreddit (many have now been removed by moderators) artificial looking crowd, with a minority of fans spamming the cheer button and applauding incessantly during each match. that there is no option to turn it off The sound sounds particularly rough even on the whole without turning off the game.


That said, cheer has its fans. redditor tgssa It believes that the crowd helps give more weight to the event, although it acknowledges that it requires a lot of work and the option to turn it off.

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“I think there needs to be some sort of dialogue to make TI feel more special and the crowded thing does that to me to some degree. It’s definitely not the real thing and doesn’t seem like it, for sure From. Though I like it more than just nothing.”

The crowd discourse speaks to the fact that esports, like regular sports, has struggled with the lack of live events during the pandemic. Dota may have expected to follow Call of Duty and the Overwatch League by making temporary moves to stadiums, but it has been forced into a corner by canceling crowds at the last minute.

Valve may want to maintain that stadium atmosphere, and there’s still room to improve ahead of the Grand Finals on October 17. At the very least, here’s hoping it gives us an opportunity to close the applause.

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