Recently released by 343 Industries hello infinity With critically demanding multiplayer betas, the popular streamer is among the countless gamers already experimenting with the beta. One such dreamer is YouTube’s Dr. Disrespect, who recently received his first Overkill Medal hello infinites Multiplayer Beta.

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Dr Disrespect was livestreaming recently hello infinityof the multiplayer beta on YouTube with fellow streamers Timtetman and CouRageJD when they decided to adjust their control settings. According to him and a fan named Brett, OpTic Duty Pro and gold medalist FormaL adjusts its control settings hello infinityMultiplayer beta to critical success. These adjustments increased the axial deadzone and center deadzone of Dr. Ahonor by 5.05 hello infinity default settings.


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After changing his settings to reflect the controls of Team Optic gaming champion FormaL, Doc plays another match in which he holds his ground as Timthetman and Courage calls the location of the enemy Spartans. Shooting with a battle rifle, Dr. Dishonor begins his overkill killing spree, in which an enemy pushes down a ladder on one of Dr. Dishonor’s flanks. The second enemy Spartan managed to defeat one of his comrades before being defeated by a combination of Dr Disrespect and Courage, repeating “behind me” on Com.

As he recovered from the short melee with his second kill, Dr. Dishonor’s shield became fully charged, while an enemy Spartan tried a similar laddering technique to the first victim of Dr. Dishonor’s Overkill Medal. The enemy made the mistake of turning his back on Dr Aadar as the two-time champion stabbed him twice in the back. The ultimate enemy Spartan fell to Dr. Dishonor as he tried to flank the popular YouTube streamer from the opposite ladder, allowing the Doctor to annihilate the entire enemy team.

Although they have ideas about how hello infinity Can improve, Dr. Disrespect couldn’t control his enthusiasm as he asked “Come on!” Shouting overkill medaled. As his fellow YouTube streamers encouraged him. Courage played a part in Dr. Aadhaar hello infinity As overkill he summoned the majority of enemy Spartans while Timtetman waited for a response. By the end of the match, Doc had scored nine goals with only three deaths.

Dr. Dishonor was able to garner an overkill medal and had the highest number of murders in a recent livestream hello infinityMultiplayer Beta of. Despite the above-average death ratio, fellow YouTube livestreamers Timtetman and Courage both had high scores at the conclusion of the match. Timtetman reached a slightly higher score of 1080 due to the longer carry time than Dr Disrespect. Meanwhile, Carrage had a score of 1100 as a well-rounded match involving time and kills.

hello infinity Will release on December 8 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Multiplayer Beta is now available.

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