Apex Legends Season 11 is underway, this season has been pretty steady so far. Many remember the major problems with Season 10’s servers that needed to be fixed, and so far, this season has seen some major improvements in the area. Only time will tell if it will last, but it has allowed fans to really enjoy the new Apex Legends Map storm points, new character Ash, and all the weapon/legend meta changes.

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From what he has played with it so far, it seems that Dr Disrespect is enjoying the new season, praising everything he has played. However, in a recent stream, the two-time champion explained why he is not streaming Apex Legends Too many.


the doctor is one Top Fans, that’s obvious. While he has criticized and raved about it in the past, it is mostly part of his personality, and he has openly admitted that he loves Apex Legends, If he’s not yelling and screaming about it, it’s probably not a good game for him. He mentioned this while contemplating what game to play next and pointed to a bigger problem as a YouTube streamer.

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“no one plays Apex Legends on Youtube. really no one plays Top, i loved Top. i would love to grind Top given the place. i really liked it Top Grind on the new map. I did.” It’s a problem of not having anyone to play with, and it’s common—not just in streaming circuits. Playing with randoms is an option, but it’s often not the same as playing with friends.

Dr Disrespect plays a lot with Tim the Tatman and Zlanar, the Doctor also explains that “Timmy never wants to play [Apex.] And then Zlanar… I don’t know,” adding more Zlanar Duty People. As for Tim the Tatman, he has explained in the past that, unlike the Doctor, he doesn’t care much. Apex Legends. He explained that he thought of it as what the Doctor meant, “speed. Speed. Violence.”, which is ironic, as the Doctor recently discussed how important the pace and construction of those murders are. Apex Legends. It can separate a good game from a bad game and a win from a loss.

Either way, until the Doctor gets a few more people to play or Tim the Tatman changes his mind, it looks like fans shouldn’t be expecting too much. Apex Legends With Dr. Disrespect, no matter how much he likes it.

Apex Legends Now available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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